Ars Plastica was written and directed by DC Spensley

Contemporary artist, creator of telepresent theatrical productions, intriguing art games, social and trans-media storytelling. A Ten year veteran of Virtual Reality, Silicon Valley based artist DC Spensley investigates opportunities for participation, engagement and play as art experiences. His work has exhibited internationally at venues like Yerba Buena Center for the Arts in San Francisco, Frye Museum in Seattle, Triton Museum in Santa Clara, Ars Electronica in Linz Austria, Dutch Electronic Arts Festival in the Netherlands, International Symposium on Electronic Arts ISEA, San Jose’s ZERO1 Biennial, and most recently at The LAST Festival at Stanford University. DC is an alum of the San Francisco Art Institute and the CADRE Laboratory for New Media in San Jose.

“Simulated space becomes a real place when we experience it together.”

Recent publication of: “Ungrounded Theory in the Avant Garden”

(reference copies are available upon request),id=21018/


3D Visuals and sounds by Andrew Pray

A creative nerd, sci-fi geek, and retired USAF Sergeant, Andrew Pray has been cranking out spaceships and creatures since childhood. His experience with real-world aerospace equipment helps with the details in his design language. His skills can take designs from the early conceptual stages to optimized fully-textured and animated 3d meshes. Andrew has  graduated from the Academy of Art in San Francisco with a degree in Visual Development.

A.I. and Software Engineering by Dean Johnson

Chief Engineer Dean Johnson is a computer science student at San Jose State University, a professional martial arts instructor. He spends most of his free time programming and trying to push the limits of what he can achieve in code. He is particularly interested in emergence, artificial intelligence, and procedural generation.

Thanks to:

Rigel Centaurus – Центр галактики – Ambient Audio

Farnsworth Design – Design Services

Spangler Labs – Server Administrator

Rubaiyat Shatner and Ars Virtua – Curatorial Advisor

Will Simons – Unity Networking

Paolo Monti 37788 – Eso-Gallery in the space

Special thanks to Italian artist Paolo Monti for hosting Ars Plastca in Rome at his terrestrial gallery, Pied à Terre 37788, that is twinned with his satellite gallery EduSat 37788, aboard which his work Infra-TazebAu s’pace – Shroud 21’37” orbits through outer space since 2011.

Un ringraziamento particolare all’artista italiano Paolo Monti per ospitare Ars Plastca a Roma presso la sua galleria terrestre, Pied à Terre 37788, che è gemellata con la sua galleria satellitare EduSat 37788, a bordo del quale la sua opera Infra-TazebAu s’pace – Sindone 21’37” orbita attraverso lo spazio dal 2011.

Cathy Spensley – Executive Producer, Travel Agent and Driver

Juan Yuriart – Translator and Cheese Mentor

David Henderson – Additional Network Assistance, Clinch Player

Ars Plastica